Monday, May 25, 2015

Thanks to Many Who Have Kept me MUving

This morning I did the PlyoJam Burnout main workout which worked great on both the bungee and stability ball.   I even liked the  original soundtrack, both the instructor and the music.
I could not get the website to work properly for me but maybe you can get the free preview sample.

Then I did some of the Move It or Lose It!:  Fit and Fabulous for Life with Julie Robinson and enjoyed it too.  It worked great on my new surface option.  I had a strip of flooring left from our kitchen floor replacement and the strip is providing me with a nice barefooted sliding board, much better than gliding disks, etc.

I have to take a moment to express my gratitude to some very special people I have met online who have kept me moving.  I started with a TaeBo email group over 15 years ago then several years on the VideoFitness discussion forum and last but not least, WellVideo.  Along my journey, I have connected with several special online friends who have a generous spirit much like my own.  Thanks to these wonderful souls, I have discovered different ways to move.  I am a variety junkie and do not do even my most favorite routines often.  I do still buy many dvds and downloads of my favorite instructors to support their business and have enough edited routines to keep me very busy the rest of my life.  It is still nice to try something completely new once in awhile.  Privately sharing internationally has opened many new doors for me.  Alot of the sharing is just being supportive of one another since we have the common interests of workout videos and feeling well through exercise.

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