Saturday, May 23, 2015

The New WellVideo

Recently, has had alot of upgrades.  Besides being a video hosting site focused on Fitness, it also offers a great place to store videos, publicly or privately.

Just recently there have been new privacy settings added so now I can store my videos more privately for my own use.  Unlike youtube, its server does not restrict music to any country/countries.  Unlike dailymotion, I can store routines longer than one hour and upload more than 2 hours in one day.  Unlike most video hosting sites, it has an Administrator who is helpful and cares.  If I title my videos correctly, they can be found using the search engine or I can organize them on playlists.  I plan to store more originals and open two tabs, one to play the video and one to play a video with music I want to move to,  I have dozens (maybe hundreds?) of music added routines for a source of music.  True, I can play the music from my laptop BUT only from my laptop.  This way with two tabs running, I can workout using my husband's laptop which does not have my stored music.  Gosh the possibilities are now endless.  For those who have hesitated to visit this site, their loss.  For those who understand what this site is about and need help finding content, friend and message me!
Bouncin Barb

Another advantage is I can store my video files privately and actually help my favorite instructors and vendors. Free advertising for them, making workout video fans aware of their existence in the description of the thumb nail.

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