Friday, May 29, 2015

I Love Lucy

I am doing some of the Soul Sweat routines led by Lucy and really enjoying them.  Her moves are easy to tweak on my 550 bungee and when sit-bouncing on a large stability ball.  Her music is like she used some of my edited workout soundtracks!

If and when there are actual DVDs, I will whip out my credit card since I really do not like streaming as much.

Last night I banged the back of my heel badly and had immediate intense pain.  Put Arnica gel on and pain went away and never returned.  I love that stuff!

ETA: Just returned from a mammography follow-up because of dense tissue and am happy to report, the suspicious spot was a nothing!  (I was sitting there the whole time waiting for the results thinking how I have gone bra free and bounced daily for the past 15 years so it should be ok but was very relieved to have the official confirmation that all was OK)

Found a great place to store and share videos
sign up is super simple and if you store a video in the photo folder, it is downloadable
seems more user friendly than dropbox and offers 20 GIGS free!

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