Friday, May 22, 2015

RAVE: Jessica 5 Mile Walk On

Yesterday I received the Jessica Smith 5 mile Walk On DVD from Amazon, unfortunately loose in its case even though S&H was over $6. Yikes!

Walk On: 5 Fat Burning Miles Walking Exercise DVD

Last evening I did the warmup and first Brain Boost Mile as a spark in front of my laptop, mostly sitting and enjoyed them and found them refreshingly different.  This morning I did the Belly, Buns and Thighs on the 550 bungee then the Power Posture while sitting on a Ball then the Turbo Charged mile.  Overall, the music is ok but I preferred her previous dvds for music.  However, the only one I may edit so far is the Belly, Buns and Thighs because the cuing was useful in the others.  Brain Boost would be ridiculous without the cuing LOL

Power Posture works the upper body and most of it was great while sit-bouncing.  It was rather sneaky and tougher than it looked.
Turbo didn't feel that bungee friendly in the beginning but with alittle tweaking worked well and I wound up doing the whole mile instead of just a bit of it as planned.  I actually got breathless but not at all exhausted, mentally or physically.

Still have the Boogie Down mile to try and the two bonus chapters
(Strong feet/ankles and Strong knees/hips)

I like having 15 minute miles instead of two 30 minute miles because less repetition in moves and theme.  Personally, her previous DVD: 15 minute Blasts were more fun for me but I still have not tried the Boogie down which may be more fun.

Walk On: 15-Minute Fast Fat Blasts



Continued  5/23/2015:
This morning I did the Boogie Down mile, Warmup, Brain Boost mile, CoolDown and half of the Strong feet/ankles bonus.  Time Flew and I did all of the miles on the 550 bungee.  I did not have to think much and just followed Jessica's cuing which did not annoy me like most cuing does.  Most moves worked great on the bungee, The MUsic was there but not really contributing anything till the Cool Down.  I also liked what I did of the bonus and look forward to doing the rest and the other bonus for knees and hips.
Overall impression = THUMBS UP!!

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