Saturday, May 2, 2015

Suzanne Andrews Arthritis Relief Walking Workout

This morning, I did the first Walk which uses a band from the Suzanne Andrews *Arthritis Relief Walking Workout*.

I have hundreds of walking routines but the Arthritis Walks are very special. I love that there is a sitting option and different types of equipment in each.  The scenery is gorgeous in an outdoor garden.  The Audio is mostly a voice-over with cuing and music.  The music in the second walk may be better when peeking ahead and uses light weights instead of a band.  There is a standing and sitting option shown through-out both Walks.  I did much of the sitting on a large stability ball but used a chair when my balance felt too challenged.

Overall, the moves with the band worked the whole body and had a sneaky intensity.  However, some moves had too many reps for my preferences so I intend to edit the video with less reps, especially when on one sided for way too long.   It was suggested to start with just 10 reps and work my way up to the amount being shown for maximum strength.  If using the DVD as is, I would suggest switching sides after each 10 reps.  The moves are very simple to follow and my legs feel well worked so good cross-training.

This DVD including a band is available through CollageVideo

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