Friday, May 8, 2015


A thigh leg cramp struck last night and would not stop like the cramps usually do.    I struggled down our stairs to the kitchen where I had the Hyland's tablet for leg cramps that had to be taken with water.  Thankfully the tablet stopped the cramp and prevented others the rest of the night so I ordered a bunch from Amazon this morning which dissolve under the tongue and will keep them bedside.  Also ordered their leg ointment which has Arnica in it plus a few other ingredients which may work even better on my legs and feet than Arnica gel to get the free shipping.  The Hyland's ointment is actually cheaper than most Arnica gels.

So this morning I did my edited file of the Body By Simone Cardio with Sarah.  The MUsic was awesome and Sarah offered some fun moves on the bungee and ball.  I had to take several breaks because my endurance has disappeared.

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