Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Having a Pity Party

If you do not want to attend my pity party, stop reading now.

I am 66 years old and my body feels like 90.  For years, I have been using movement and music to keep moving and elevate my mood and relieve pain.   I can only enjoy this movement for about 40 minutes a day and the rest of the day exercise mentally, creating more edits of video files.  Along the way I try to share these files and other routines which make me feel better as well as tips to help others find ways of feeling better.  Sometimes the tips are solutions to internet and pc problems.

I have met many people online who I love to try to help and in return help me feel better.
I have also met a few mentally ill people who hurt other people unnecessarily.  It is their solution to feeling better to ignore the feelings in others and inflict pain.
I have tried to avoid these toxic people as much as I can but my body cannot tolerate the stress that they cause anymore so I will be just privately helping and sharing with others who have good hearts like mine in spite of painful bodies.  I am removing my Welcome door mat.

This world is really difficult with so many selfish and intolerant people who have a sense of entitlement.  When I see politicians spending tax payers dollars to try to push the *religious* agenda of their narrow minded constituents, it just boggles my mind.  This mentality trickles down.  A bully is a bully whether he is trying to take away equal rights or trying to control what is allowed and what is not allowed according to his own emotional baggage.  I do not understand why people cannot just live and let live.

People should be kinder to one another.

ETA: I am feeling much better after working out.
I did the Natalie Spadacinno Joyful Movement Sculpt dvd which was filled with feel good moves (great to have a new instructor to follow!) then did some of an edited Keaira found on youtube
original embedded on WellVideo:

the music I used was perfect.
edited file:

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