Saturday, April 4, 2015

Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith is my favorite instructor and has been for a long time.  I have edited many of her videos from her youtube channel (jessicasmithtv), mostly replacing the audio with music because youtube greatly restricts copyrighted music:

She has two projects in the works:
a new walking style dvd
a week of new routines on youtube based on fan feedback.
I would so love for her to combine her chair cardio and sitting on a stability ball routines since I sit-bounce on a stability everyday, many times while following her moves.  Her fusion walks and dance routines work great on a stability ball and I love her routines while holding a weightless object (ball, towel, band, etc.).

Hopefully a cardio stability ball routine will be in the mix.
If not, I will use whatever she does create with my music and toys.

Please visit her donation website if you want to help support Jessica's youtube channel

If you have not noticed, I am using my blog and WellVideo to share my creations.
Please use my invitation link if you want to visit WellVideo

This morning I did another edited Bartlett routine on the bungee and ball then some Cathe Gliding and enjoyed how she added in some dancier steps and even boxing.  I may cross-train with my gliding pads more often.

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