Saturday, December 13, 2014

Lurving the MUsic

This morning I did the rest of my second edit of the Next Move video files then then the rest of the edited Greggains Holiday workout (embedded on this blog on 11/23/14) then started some edited Leslie Sansone files.  I really enjoyed the MUsic I had added to Leslie's Mix and Match walks which all came from previous workout soundtracks so I decided to copy the longer MP3 files onto my unactivated Tracfone Smart phone to use as an ipod when bouncing to youtube in the den on the 370 PRO.

One of the many reasons I love both the Jumpsport 550 and 39 inch PRO mats is that my bare feet love them,  OK I now believe the squishier 39 inch mat as the 3 year old cords loosened contributed to my Plantar Fasciitis.  As the 39 inch Jumpsport cords became looser, I found I had to wear shoes for extra support and stability. I was even on the verge of ordering the handlebar because of the instability.  I just wanted to warn others with foot ailments to consider a JumpSport PRO instead of a Bellicon and to remember if you do decide to go Bellicon to get Ultra cords and possibly not the largest 49 inch which may still cone more.  The older we get, the more we must protect our feet. I,literally, wince when I watch some Bellicon videos, knowing how the mats would make my feet and ankles feel.

I finally successfully removed a file that kept returning in Malwarebyte scans.
I started Windows in Safe Mode then ran Malwarebytes.
To start Windows in Safe Mode, just keep tapping the F8 key after starting or restarting the pc.
When the Advanced Options screen appears, scroll down with the arrow key to Safe Mode and press Enter

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