Sunday, August 25, 2013

Chrome Memory Management and Videos

This morning I started with the warmup from Nia's *Move It* class then did Jessica's new band workout to which I had added free MUsic from and finished with some of Donna's Old School Dance Party, using the bungee then the stability ball.  The Nia Move It was a pleasant surprise warming up the feet. The Nia MoveIT and Donna OSDP were previously uploaded to Daily Motion and shared on the blog below.

JS Band CUing by POMBarb

ETA: For those with low Memory, I am trying not to overload the blog with video clips.
I have 3 posts loading at a time for my preferences so I can load the blog on my old pc.
Just a few tips on how to conserve Memory when using Chrome:

If a video doesn't play well, refresh or reload the video!
Try to to do just one demanding task at a time, be it watching a video or burning a dvdr.
Try to have just one tab opened at a time.
Once you are done with a site, open a new tab and delete the previous tab.
If you are watching more than one video on the same site, open the site in a new tab for each video and delete the tabs of the videos you are done viewing.
You can even clear alittle more memory by closing Chrome completely and restarting Chrome.

Clear Browsing data regularly, especially empty your cache before loading a *BIG* video.
Optionally clear your browsing history and/or delete cookies
(Click upper right corner of Chrome menu icon which looks like 3 short horizontal bars and go to tools or more tools)
Alternatively, you can avoid having to clear your cache by using a new *incognito*  window on the Chrome menu or by pressing three keys together: Ctrl + Shift + N

You may even want to restart your pc as well as Clear Browsing data and/or restarting Chrome if the site is very demanding on your resources.  (As I have mentioned when I am burning a dvdr, I dedicate my whole laptop to the process and do nothing else during thre burn.)

If your Chrome browser is sluggish on youtube or crashing, go to your
(copy and paste the above to your url)
on the right of your Plug-ins page, click to show details
Enable the Windows Flash
Disable Chrome's Flash
(Windows Flash plugin seems to use less memory on my old pc)

One other thing to try if none of the above works:
right click the video and go to settings.
click on the bottom left icon that looks like a monitor
uncheck the box for enabling hardware acceleration

Remember, the problem may be your internet provider, internet connection, the video website, even the weather!!

To clear the cache on Firefox:

To clear the cache on MSIE

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