Saturday, August 10, 2013

Revel vs Borgata vs CET

The numbers are in for the AC July 2013 casino revenues.
The Borgata clearly came out on top of all of the other casinos in July.

Next highest winner in increasing revenue was Revel.
Revel believes their best month ever is showing a turnaround in their business.  It is a total joke.  First of all, many people lost money there believing they would get it all back but didn't read the fine print that the losses would be paid back in slot play over the course of 20 weeks, meaning they would have to go there once a week for 20 weeks to get the slot play dollar replacement.  Meanwhile, the Borgata had a much higher July revenue partially because people who read the fine print chose to play there.    Many took their generous Borgata offers over to Revel to receive matching offers, doubling their free play. The Revel match play actually helped The Borg, attracting more July visits to AC!  The Borgata is already offering us more generous slot bonuses in September than ever so should continue to see improved revenues as people go to Revel to get their free slot play for their losses.
An extra plus for me is The Borg finally replaced their music soundtrack!  What a relief to hear some decent music instead of annoying noises when playing.

All AC CET casinos had their revenues go down also losing business to The Borg.  There are several reasons why the AC regulars are switching to The Borg from the AC CET empire.  First CET started charging for Diamond lounges a couple of years ago.  Then they raised the Diamond tier by almost 50% this year.   The Borgata upgrades all Diamonds to Black Label and gives free slot play and entrance to their buffet or Amphora Club with the first upgrade.  Comp dollars accumulate much faster at The Borg so earning the $10 comp entrance fee to their buffet and lounge is much faster. Earning those entrance fees enables staying Black Label, making earning Black Label a better alternative to trying to stay Diamond for moderate regular AC gamblers.  I calculated the same slot play earns a Black Label $10 comp at least 2 times faster at The Borg! Cannot even compare the quality of The Borg buffet and lounge with that of the Diamond lounges.  CET's only advantage is having locations outside of AC, especially Vegas.
However, the new Total Rewards Platinum credit card was a great decision.  It enables free parking and no early check-in fees with a free Platinum upgrade plus an easy way to earn CET comp.  Too bad they also offer a Vegas buffet of buffets freebie and no comparable free buffet in AC.  Speaking of buffets, another stupid thing CET did was remove lunchtime hours from Harrah's buffet, making the free buffet for their regular players less accessible on Mondays and Thursdays.   Meanwhile, the nearby Gold Nugget has made their buffet a great alternative for players from nearby Harrahs with lots of buffet promotions and lower prices.  Removing the Wild West Virgina City buffet has made the Ballys-Caesars connected property less attractive for the AC regulars. Revel has remained without a buffet for lunch and dinner.
For Gold players,  CET now charges an early check in fee in addition to their extra $8 a night in fees for comped rooms.  Ironically, Revel has recently decided to raise their comped room fees by an additional $7.  An AC regular can get a comped room at The Borg for $5 a night so why pay $13 at CET or $12 at Revel??  The Borg renovated their Classic roooms last year, making all of their rooms nicer than most CET rooms.  Never did try the comp stay at Revel last summer because we couldn't access their room reservation system either online or by phone.  Also the AT&T mobile service is limited on their property, making it difficult for my husband and I to communicate.  Both their reservation system and the AT&T reception have not improved since their opening.
We prefer to play and eat wherever we are staying. So we eat better and stay in nicer rooms for less fees at The Borg than CET.  Best of all, we win alot more than we ever did at CET!

Here's some of the numbers:

an article in the Newark Star-Ledger states the Borgata's Executive VP Joe Lupo said the casino profited from displeasure with Revel's slot promotion.

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