Saturday, August 3, 2013

PF much better!

I did alot of walking in AC the past few days and the PF only acted up badly for a few minutes at one dinnertime buffet. Avoiding other people who do not watch where they are walking can really put a strain on my PF. Sometimes I feel like I am invisible the way other people move around me. Otherwise, I was walking pretty normal without feeling anything more than an occasional twinge.  Also I have adapted to the Sacro Wedgy® feeling much less discomfort during and right after its use.  My hip pain has also become just an occasional twinge. Knees, too, are much better.
I still wore shoes for my workout this morning but have been going barefoot more in the house during the day and stand on the rough surface of my glider whenever I pass it..  This morning I warmed up with a Denise Austin Dance Cardio to which I had added MUsic, mostly on the bungee then did Jessica's new strength routine to which I had added MUsic. Then I did some of Tracey Mallett's Cardio Lean Fuse Dance.  Really enjoyed everything.
Darn, I meant to do some Manba but totally forgot!  May do some later if I skip walking outside for sparks because of rain.

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