Wednesday, August 28, 2013


8/26 Monday
This morning I did some youtube Zumba on the bungee then the ball warmup from Petra's Streamline Strength while holding a purple Zumba stick then the rest of Nia's MoveIT and some of Tracey Mallett's Renew Cardio. I shed my shoes and worked out barefooted to Nia and Tracey for the first time in a very long time because my PF had calmed down quite a bit.  Feet feel darn good right now :)

8/27 Tuesday
I didn't have any energy and felt achy but worked out anyways after putting cotton balls soaked with Hydrogen peroxide in each ear just in case it was the start of a cold and not allergies.
First I did the Prevention Sugar Solution *Get Moving* Walk with Chris Freytag  and liked it much more than I had expected!  She had some unique moves and the Celtic MUsic I had added was perfect.  Did some on the bungee then some on the floor and finished on the ball.  This dvd is still available through amazon.
Then I did Petra's ball warmup from Streamline Strength to which I had added MUsic. I was able to follow it without cuing since I did it with cuing recently.  It had a sneaky intensity holding a purple Zumba stick.  Some of the 9 minute ball warmup starts at about the 19 second mark in the clip below:

Finished with Tracey Mallet's Renew Sleek & Lean sitting chair routine, doing most of it on the ball and it really worked the abs.

8/28 Weds
This morning I did the PT Fitness Rebounder routine (blog embedded 8/23) then the lower body from Petra's Streamline Fitness, both of which had great added MUsic. Did the first half of PT Rebounder on the bungee and second half on the stability ball. Used bands and a playground ball for Petra. Finished with some of Mallett's Renew Cardio barefooted.  I have a very slight cold today which would have been much worse if I hadn't done the Hydrogen peroxide into the ears thing.  Throat feels much better already.
You can find some nice routines by Petra on

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