Thursday, September 8, 2016


Last night, the candidates were supposed to show their Commander-in-Chief qualities without attacking their opponent (or keeping attacks at a minimum).  Trump behaved like his only quality for a Commander-in-Chief was to attack Obama and Clinton for anything and everything, real or imagined.

He double-downed on a few of his most ridiculous tweets last night.
Believes he knows more about Isis than the generals
(Obama's generals that is)
Believes sexual assaults were the expected result of women serving in the armed forces.

His reaction to his two intelligence briefings was that the people briefing him definitely believed that Obama did not do the right thing.  This shows that he is incapable of professionally processing sensitive material.  He was given this material to demonstrate how complex the position can be.  Instead, he only saw the information to be used as a weapon against Obama.

He praised Putin as the better leader.

He was speaking in front of an audience of veterans and he showed nothing but disdain for our Armed Forces and its leadership.
He was treasonous and unpatriotic.

Hillary has owned her mistakes.
Trump never owns his mistakes.

If Trump were ever investigated like Hillary has been, he would be in prison.
He will NEVER release his tax returns.

What I just cannot comprehend are the people who do not realize just how incapable this creep is and how his behavior is making the USA worse than it ever was.
US Banks will not give him loans.
Any business partners he ever had were screwed.
Just look at the people who are his advisers and will be influencing him.
Just look at what the rest of the world thinks of him.

Just look at how he treats people who do not praise him.
Diplomacy will never be a quality of his.

Trump sees the world in Black and White.
Anything and Everything Real or Imagined must be used to attack Obama and Clinton.

What happens when the campaigns are over?
Most of us live in the gray world of compromise and reality.
Our gray will be much blacker thanks to this creep.

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