Thursday, July 17, 2014

Still Revisiting JS

I am still revisiting edited jessicasmithtv files doing about 30 minutes on the bungee and 15 minutes on the stability ball.  There are many stability ball routines on youtube but very few take advantage of just sitting on the ball and bouncing while using the upper body for higher intensity cardio.  I have no trouble continuing to sweat when I switch to the ball and it gives my feet a needed rest while continuing to pump lymph. Lots of lower body moves like squats and pilies can be done on the ball without aggravating the lower body joints (knees, ankles or feet) while loading all of the action into the thighs and butt.   Almost any routine can be done sitting on a stability ball or chair with alittle tweaking.  However, the stability ball is more fun.  If bouncing on a ball, only use weightless isometrics, light weights or bands because of the G Force.

Here's some samples:

Ball Bouncin to Jessica by POMBarb

Ball Spark Sample by POMBarb

Also check this out
Poundfit explains why MUsic helps us to move:

There are so many mornings I think I am not going to get into a workout then the MUsic starts pumping and BAM!

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