Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Yellow Jackets!!!!

Yesterday we saw what looked like a small dead bee on our den window sill.  This morning there were two more!  We checked outside and saw 2 fly into the vent of our den wall air conditioner.  Meanwhile, another two were in the den before I shut the ac off and closed the flap where the air comes in which I hope will keep them outside.

So I started calling exterminators LOL
One exterminator said it was probably Yellow Jackets and explained what they can do and are coming late this afternoon to hopefully get rid of them.  Meanwhile, I am a nervous wreck because I am allergic to their stings.

So I turned to dear Jessica Smith for comfort.  I did her edited Dance Walk on the bungee then some of her edited Quiet Cardio on the ball.  Both were great!

Here's the original Dance Walk:

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