Wednesday, July 9, 2014

MUving with jessicasmithtv

I think the Yellow Jackets are gone thanks to luckily picking a good exterminator: A-Apache
I called their Westfield area phone number found in the Yellow pages.
They are also on Angie's List!

The nest was actually in our wall and still a small colony.  None have entered our home since the treatment but there still may be some returning workers hanging around for up to 2 weeks outside. If no activity seen around then, we can then remove the materials sealing off the air conditioner and its frame.   There's a 6 month guarantee if we have anymore unwanted visitors.
(ETA: not a single yellow jacket seen outside near the air conditioner after always having a couple going in or out yesterday)

So I continued with my revisit of some edited files from jessicasmithtv including the second half of Quiet Cardio then some of  her Beginner and Prenatal routines.    It is very easy for me to tweak these simple routines to make them more fun when MUving (Moving to the MUsic I added).  I used my bungee, stability ball, and dowel.

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