Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Seems like CoQ10 100mg twice a day can handle the 20mg of Lipitor every other day.  I started this combination Monday night and have now had 2 mornings without brain fog.  Plus my energy level stayed consistent all day yesterday.  For those who are searching for a decent price, I got mine at

They give a 10% discount to the first order from a new email sign up and have various shipping and sale offers.  I didn't want to recommend this vendor till I tested their product first.  Most doctors suggest getting the cheapest CoQ10 cuz the more expensive formulas are not necessary.

It is important to eat with these pills because CoQ10 is fat soluble and will metabolize better if taken with food and Lipitor's half-life is extended with food.

This morning I did an edited Billy Blanks PT24/7 and moved to the beat of my MUsic on the bungee while wearing the gloves connected to one another with one band.  Really enjoyed the routine then did some edited Denise Austin and the inner thigh routine from jessicasmithtv.  Finished with this routine which I enjoyed as a cooldown:

Stay cool but keep MUving

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