Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Denise Austin

This morning I enjoyed two edited Denise Austin routines: Cardio Dance and Cardio Abs

Denise is easy to follow and I prefer following her with music only :)

My hip injury continues to improve.  In fact, I can live with it indefinitely where it is right now.

Lipitor Ceasing Update
I am thrilled to report that my energy level has stayed constant without brain fog for 4 days in a row since stopping Lipitor.  My knees are no longer stiff in the morning as well as no more morning headache. In addition to the recent problematic hip, I still have lingering joint and muscle twinges which I hope will eventually disappear.

I just did some of this while sitting on a chair with an imaginary kayak oar and really enjoyed it!

Rafting MU by POMBarb

original without added music
(you can play any music you prefer)

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