Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Youtube Playlist

Before checking in with this morning's routines, I wanted to share one of my youtube playlists:
Zumba and Dance - YouTube

I am using this youtube channel to organize playlists for our Vizio TV with a youtube app and will not be uploading anything.  Uploading will only be done on DailyMotion and Dropbox.

This morning I warmed up on the glider barefooted which massages my feet like a gravel walk then healthbounced on the bungee.  Next I did some Angie Gorr Ultimate Sweat and Tone with added MUsic then did this very nice no dread routine by dancewithshelly, some of which really worked well sitting on a stability ball:

Finished with the Qigong routine to which I had added Irish/Celtic MUsic

Chi Lel demo with Irish MU by POMBarb
This can be pretty intense if the focus is on the movements coming from the core.  Otherwise it is a nice meditative stretch.

Still hoping my new Jumpsport is en route although there has been no tracking updates.
The Amazon vendor for the FootRubz Massage Ball has sent me another since the first shipment just went *poof*.  I find it very odd that the tracking for both the Jumpsport via UPS and FootRubz via USPS had their tracking more or less nonexistent.

ETA Weds 10/30:
The Jumpsport 550 Pro is on the truck for delivery today!!

Also here is Jessica's Cardio Quickie which I previously captured from Sportskool but now available on youtube:

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