Sunday, October 6, 2013

Nia's Groovin', Freemake Burn and FIOS Issues

Nia has uploaded their whole Groovin' vhs to their blog!!!

Groovin ' 92 | Nia

Monday 10/17

This morning I warmed up with a mile from Leslie's 4 Fast miles (MUsic only) mostly on the bungee.
The music and moves started feeling very repetitive so that revisit is probably over for awhile.
Then I did some of the rest of the first routine on MET-Rx Conditioning dvd 3 MUsic only.  Unfortunately, it started freezing alot at about their 33 minute countdown.  Not sure if it is the dvd or my player. Probably will not revisit this dvd again but I didn't mind some of the resistance moves and will just add a few new tweaks of theirs to future resistance moves.

Finished with the first 27 minutes of Nia's Awareness of Nerves and really liked it.
The warmup is all about the feet.  I did the first 12 minutes on puzzle mats then the rest sitting on a stability ball.

Yesterday when trying to burn a dvdr with Freemake Video Converter, it kept stopping at the 82% encoding point so I converted the whole project to MP4, noting which files seemed to be at that point and replaced those previous files with the new MP4 files.  Worked like a charm :)  Guess one of those two files confused Freemake when converting to dvd format.

Also last night, our FIOS HD STB had its hic-cup again after playing fine for several hours, blinking to a blank screen for a second or two every 5 seconds or so.  I believe the HD STB over-heats but it may have just been a temporary FIOS glitch.  This happened one other time on 9/12 after a storm.  Not sure what to do about it as long as it plays ok most other days.

Darn it.  It happened again so after jumping through hoops with the FIOS phone system,  they are sending us a new HD STB to try.

ETA: Tuesday 10/8
This morning I really enjoyed everything I did.
First was the PrayFit Warmup with replaced audio/MUsic.
Then two routines from Fabulously Fit Moms
One was with a scarf and the other with a weighted ball.
I had replaced the audio/MUsic on those as well.
Cannot share any of the above publicly because of copyrights.

Last but not least, I did the first set of the first routine on the first Met-Rx Cardio dvd and really liked the choice of moves and number of reps up to the almost 15 minute mark when planks took over for the last 2 minutes of the set.  The whole set is then repeated a second time before the stretch.  I'll probably replaced the MUsic and trim the routine to its first 15 minutes up to the planks. The MUsic they used was ok just not as motivating for me as my own.

We are staying put waiting for our new HD STB from FIOS which is out on the UPS truck.  The tracking info did not include our name and address so I am a bit worried about Murphy's Law.  Hope it arrives today and during daylight so I can see what I am doing when connecting the wires.

So the new HD STB from FIOS arrived today and was working fine for a couple of hours then boom, the same problem again.  Spoke to a FIOS tech who said it could be the HDMI cable or the HDMI port on the tv.  So I switched in another HDMI wire which cost like $4 from Amazon and it played fine so far.  Makes me mad because we bought a $20 GE HDMI cable at Walmart for our new and only HD tv because Walmart claimed they had problems with cheaper wires and FIOS stopped providing any because the ones they provided received complaints.  Well it seems as though most failed HDMI cables  have been GE!!!!  Guess we were lucky it worked for 18 months.

Wednesday 10/9
First I did the second Cardio Tactics routine on the Met-RX dvd9.
I was able to tweak the plank moves so even though they are more scattered than in the first routine, I liked the routine just as much as the first.  Most moves are very bungee friendly.  No Buyer's remorse.
Then I did the rest of Nia's Awareness of Nerves.  Some I liked alot and some I will not revisit.

I will be adding MUsic to both Cardio Tactics.  DVD Fab HD Decrypter copied the needed VTS files to a folder for me and Freemake Video Converter will be used for stripping the audio and trimming.
I prefer 15 minute routines so I did each the sets for the routines separately because they are tweaked a bit more in the second sets.

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