Sunday, October 27, 2013

LUrving MUving to MUsic

This morning I had a low energy day but the MUsic I had added to the workouts below made kept me MUving:

Kept the original music on this one and enjoyed the moves sitting on a stability ball:

Besides adding MUsic to the first three above, I removed the moves I know I would skip.
If anyone would like to try some of my MUsic added videos, email me at for a private link to the videos on Dropbox or DailyMotion.  If you have never subscribed to Dropbox, I would appreciate using me as a referral so we both get extra space.  I try to keep MUsic added videos mostly private because of confusing music restrictions on Daily Motion and traffic restrictions on Dropbox.
A temporary 3 day filemail can also be arranged.

So far my last two online orders (Foot Rubz massage ball through Amazon and the Jumpsport 550) have not moved from whatever shipping center they were sent.  What is the point of tracking packages if they are never scanned???

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