Thursday, October 10, 2013


There is a sudden interest in rebounding or using a mini-trampoline on VF.  I just wanted to remind readers that I have several links for rebounding, including a sample video for the Jumpsport cardio video posted on 1/6/2012:

It is very hard to decide how to try rebounding since the better models, especially bungees, are not available at sporting goods stores to try for a test drive and are expensive.  If you think rebounding may be a nice option for you, I suggest trying a Walmart strap model first since you can always return it if you hate it or even if you love it but decide to take the plunge in ordering a bungee Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline or Bellicon.

If you are even less sure about rebounding and want an up and down action to pump lymph, try sitting and bouncing on a stability ball.

This morning I did this Cardio Abs routine on the bungee, BodyBurner, puzzle mats and stability ball and found it worked on everything.  Of course, I had replaced the audio with my own music selections.
Also edited to remove the planks :)

Next I did some of the second Conditioning dvd from Met-RX which seemed pretty routine.

Finished with some Zumba while sitting on a stability ball including this routine:

I just won one of the 10 Custom3Fit Ultimate Sweat & Tone dvds that Angie Gorr was offering in exchange for a review on Facebook.  I had purchased her original 50/50 directly through her website ( during a sale offer and had blogged my impressions in June 2011.  Looking forward to trying her newest.  The moves are the kind I like but will probably want my own music.  I am adding my own music to the 50/50 before revisiting because I know the audio didn't get me muving last time.  Not only did the 50/50 dvd include 3 levels of intensity, it also offered many pre-mixes.

so I had replaced the audio on Custom3Fit 50/50 and just did the warmup and first 2 cardio sections as a spark while sitting on a stability ball. I am sweating and breathing hard without any joint twinging :)
Lots of moves done many different ways so easy to tweak them alittle more to do when sitting.
Some had a problem with the exercisers moving differently from one another but I find this style freeing.
It was a perfect replacement for my outdoor walking spark which I skipped because of the threat of rain.

If anyone wants to order the Met-Rx set I had bought, the set has been reduced even more!
The price is now $15 after applying coupon code VEXTBDY. Shipping is $1.95.

Also Walmart is selling the Weider Ruthless set for ~$20 online:
just Google Walmart Weider Ruthless

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