Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Personal Impressions of Ultimate Sweat and Tone

This routine was not designed to do in a single day unless you have the lower body of a bionic man or woman.  Overall, the dvd offers some unique and effective moves. Since most of the large muscles are in the lower body, doing routines using the lower body will burn more calories and challenging these muscles differently will increase their strength.
I broke-down the chapters so I can skip to what I want to do *Playing All*
(see previous post)

However, Angie Gorr definitely should have done a better job with the warmup and the music.
I really wanted to love this dvd but the warmup sets the mood for me and this was one of the worse warmups ever.  Not only were the moves too fast and music dull but the gal showing the no bench alternative started off on a different foot!

Anywho the music stayed dull so I will replace it and do the chapters I like as add-ons.
Really lurved the Plies variations in Chapter 11!  They even worked well sitting on a stability ball.

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