Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sing with Me!

(Come and sing with me)
I'm so excited
that I just can't hide it

OK what am I singing about?

My newly ordered Jumpsport 550F Pro

Finally decided to cave and order it because I love my 370 with a skirt mat instead of the original petal mat and have had great experiences with Jumpsport's customer service. The 550 mat will be 5 inches larger than the 370 which is about the diameter of my stiff BodyBurner's mat.

I will be the guinea pig for this piece of equipment in the VideoFitness community.  With its adjustable cords, I will not have to worry about which cords to order like with its more expensive competitor the Bellicon.
It's a nice compromise for my Plantar Fasciitis because I want to bounce or healthbounce without feeling like I am sinking into sand.  
It is not going into my basement workout area with a low ceiling but into our living room so our son will be enjoying it as well.  
Hopefully, I will hop on it everytime I walk through our living room.

Here's more info about it:
Jumpsport Folding Trampolines

ETA: Wednesday 10/23
This morning I did a bunch of routines found online rotating from bungee to Bodyburner to puzzle mats to stability ball.  No real favorite to share but really got into the drum beat in Misty Tripoli's CanFitPro clip while sitting on a stability ball so may start revisiting some of her dvds soon.
I think I will start revisiting the MUVE dvds after the new Jumpsport arrives.

just found this!

ETA Thursday 10/24:
I did a bunch of MUsic added videos this morning but used MUsic I cannot share.
Really enjoyed everything!

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