Monday, October 21, 2013

Mostly Online Routines

This morning I started with this routine which was quite good after the silly intro:


Then I did the rest of Sieber's Cardio Core Express which was previously on youtube and finished with some of a nice yoga routine:

As usual most cardio rotated from the bungee (Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline) to the BodyBurner to puzzle mats and finished mostly on the stability ball.

ETA Tuesday 10/22:
This morning I did some of jessicasmithtv's Bikini Body Circuit and Summer Legs to which I had added MUsic then some of a Classical Stretch from Season9 which I had missed during a previous broadcast period.
Yesterday I got a flu shot which was painful and still is painful this morning which prevented a good night's sleep.  May not get another one in future years because of the pain even though last year's was a piece of cake.  Our doctor gave me both but really jammed it in hard this time. At least my blood pressure was the best it had been so those walking sparks may be worth the effort :)

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