Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Window Max

Last night I had quite the workout running around, up and downstairs, looking for ways to capture the water coming in through our den windows from an ice damn.   I rescheduled our annual doctor's appointment for today because of the prediction of more snow and finding the driving around here already ridiculous because of potholes and mounds of snow/ice.   Didn't sleep well and early this morning did a laundry of the sopping wet towels before the next big melt down round began.   Hopefully the warmer temps will melt the ice damn.

Not sure if I will get to a fun workout today but I did capture some workouts during the lulls including HeavyHands Aero-abs, HeavyHands Yoga Hands, and Gin Miller's Intro to Incline Walking which really doesn't use the Ramp much.   My Daily Motion channel will have them uploaded.

If you want to skip the ads, wait till after the first ad plays then click on the DailyMotion in the lower right corner:

HH AeroAbs by POMBarb
note the voice-over is probably Gin Miller!

HH Yoga Hands by POMBarb

intro incline walking by POMBarb

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