Saturday, February 1, 2014

Gotta Lurve the Bungee

This morning I warmed up with Senior Zumba then did some of the Aqua Dances on the bungee.  Both had videos previously embedded on my blog. Then I did some of the edited Leslie Sansone 3 Mega Miles with fabulous Music starting on the bungee and switching to the stability ball. Finished with some of Tracey Anderson Transform Tonin but did biceps and triceps on my own instead of the excessive reps for shoulders.

While in AC, my feet acted up but thankfully were fine this morning.  Guess they were objecting to walking in shoes even though I was wearing inserts which were great in the past but haven't worn them much more recently because of the frigid outdoor temps.  Just glad my feet love my new bungee.  I have now lost 7 pounds since receiving my new bungee so being able to move with less pain and more fun has definitely made the purchase worthwhile.  Very nice not to have to tighten that one defective bungee leg which was replaced.  Just need to tighten some the legs a bit maybe once a week now instead of that leg daily.
I also confirmed that I was walking more than 10,000 paces a day in AC.  Probably the frequent stops and starts triggered the foot pain because once I was moving awhile, it eased.

I just had to share this brief clip of Leslie Sansone's 3 Mega Miles with the song *What Does the Fox Say* by Ylvis cuz it is so darn entertaining LOL

OK I am easily amused.
 I admit it.

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