Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tips for Downloading Freemake Products, Malwarebytes and Disk Errors

I just downloaded the newest (gold) Freemake Video Converter version and (blue) Freemake Video Downloader from
There were several times I chose *custom* options and unchecked all of the other offers, except on the last offer, I did accept a desktop icon.

You can even do the installation offline by downloading the offline version at

Just take your time unchecking unwanted offers
No worries if you goof!
Download the free malwarebytes anti-malware program from
to remove unwanted objects.
(only get the free version because the upgrade trial period will expire)

After installing the Malwarebytes free anti-malware program,
do a *Scan Now* quick Threat scan (takes about 10 to 30 minutes)
When done, choose to remove all suspicious objects
If suspicious objects are found you should do a custom full scan which can take a couple of hours

You may even want to use malwarebytes BEFORE as well as AFTER installing Freemake Video Converter
It did a nice job of removing malware and didn't mess up any of my programs.
Malwarebytes came highly recommended to me by a pc professional
(I personally distrust Norton and Mcaffee)

Run Malwarebytes as the Administrator (right mouse click) if you want updates included
Always accept updates

If a Malwarebytes scan freezes your Windows PC,   you can use the Windows built in check disk tool to find and fix errors on your hard drive which usually solves the problem.
Check Disk will give you the option of scheduling the task the next time you turn on your Windows PC.
It took about 15 minutes to complete on my laptop.

Using Windows Explorer
right click on your hard drive (C:)
then choose properties
then tools
and check now for error

alternative to using Windows Explorer
click Start lower left corner then computer in the right column
right click on your hard drive (C:)
then choose properties
then tools
and check now for error

For more information about Windows built-in Tools

ETA: if there is a stubborn suspicious object detected by Malwarebytes, try running Malwarebytes with all Custom options chosen after starting in Windows Safe Mode to remove it
To run Windows in Safe Mode:
Turn on pc or restart pc and keep tapping the F8 key
When screen shows Windows Advanced options, scroll with arrow key to Safe Mode and click enter
(do this only when you will not be needing your device for several hours)

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