Monday, February 17, 2014

Slow and Steady Does Win the Race

Recently I finally got below my setpoint or the weight that my body always seemed to plateau at when I was younger.  Unfortunately as I aged this setpoint seemed to creep upwards.

There are many interlocking keys needed to unlock my fat storage for me and I need all of the keys for my metabolism to respond properly.  Since I got my new bungee and have been doing low to moderate intensity consistently, I have been dropping 2 pounds a month.  One key for me is to workout at a level that doesn't make me too hungry so I can eat smaller meals and feel very satisfied.
Of course, another key is to enjoy moving.
The key needed to keep me moving is pumping music.
Another key is to avoid anything that may trigger pain and/or dread.
Good sleep and keeping stress to a minimum are other keys.

It is just nice to see the scale going down without struggling by adapting changes I can keep for the rest of my life.

During the night our den windows leaked like crazy.  The den has a new roof, new insulation, new ice shield and a new gutter since the last time this happened two winters ago.  So I read about ice damns online and think it may be that our heat was coming up too much because of the frigid temps and causing the bottom snow to melt.  I simply lowered the thermostat and think it is helping to slow down the drips.  We will just wear more layers of clothing till the ice damn thing seems done.

This morning I warmed up with 2 nice dance routines:

Then I did the edited version of the jessicasmithtv Flat Belly Fusion.

and here is my edited file but please visit the youtube version as well or consider making a contribution to jessicasmithtv:

JS FlatBelly Fusion MU by POMBarb
(remember to wait till after the first ad and click on the DailyMotion in the lower right corner to avoid more ads)

Finished with some of my edited file of Ryan's Kettleworx Lower Body routine.

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