Monday, November 24, 2014

Peripheral Neuropathy

There are new sensations going on in my feet and I am hopeful that these indicate recovery from the statin induced peripheral neuropathy thanks to B12.   Plus my left foot and right inner thigh cramped last night before bedtime so I hit both with Arnica gel and took a new night time leg cramping tablet found at Rite-aid and thankfully slept well.  It was a relief that the cramping didn't happen during the night.  Ironically, it is probably a good thing that my doctor was focused only on cholesterol levels because otherwise, he could have sent me to a bunch of specialists who may have done lots of inconclusive tests and put me on even more unnecessary meds.  I will learn to live with the ear buzzing and occasional vertigo if they do not resolve.

This morning I started with a bunch of Marina Kamen routines which worked well on the 550:

Then I did an edited P90 Saturday Special, removing planks and adding MUsic and the final clip worked great on the Hopper ball!

Finished with my edited version of Zula Hawaii which I really liked!
(the shorter version of this had been shared on but this morning I did a longer version with more cardio which I may share in the future)

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