Saturday, November 8, 2014

Keep MUving

This morning when I woke up, I had a terrible pain in my right heel.  Arnica gel made it immediately go away and it never came back.   Over the years, Arnica gel has kept me going with weird twinges and even after some real injuries.  When I was younger, these events would have side-lined me and the affected areas would spread to unaffected areas because of moving differently to protect the affected area, especially my lower back and neck.   Not moving doesn't just keep the injured area weak but weakens all areas.  Currently, most professionals know that movement increases range of motion, circulation and therefore healing.   Just like a grasshopper in a jar forgets how to hop, humans must Use it or Lose it.

This morning I did a few fun youtube routines then some of Debra Mazda's Let's Get Moving which I found rather boring, even on the bungee.  Finished with a great chair routine that was mostly upper body cardio but became total body cardio bouncing on the hopper ball with alittle tweaking.

Like most of my other routines, it is much better with pumping MUsic :)
The side to sides while holding Fitstix enabled me to give the sides of the hopper ball a slight pound.  The opening and closing of the legs became jumping jacks.

here's some of the youtube vids I liked

OK now Get MUving!!
and Keep MUving

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