Thursday, November 20, 2014

11/18 to 11/20

Blog 11/18 to 11/19
After enjoying a few hours of an outstanding internet connection with the new router, our FIOS service including our landline phone went completely dead. No phone, tv or internet.  I wasted over 50 units on my tracfone trying to get a live Verizon tech and about another 60 on my husband's tracfone trying to connect with a person then following their instructions to determine if we needed a service call which we do.  Unfortunately the soonest they can come is tomorrow morning 11/20.
Then while seeing if the router would magically return to life this morning in our den, I backed up in the dark to see if the green lights all went on (they didn't) and tripped onto the 370 bungee smacking my right thigh, calf and foot against its frame.  Thankfully Arnica gel immediately stopped the pain and bruising.  Yesterday morning during my workout, my right hip/butt problem got triggered and Arnica gel immediately resolved that as well.  Again, I urge everyone to have Arnica gel on every level in a home plus in your pocketbook, car or whatever when leaving home.  It will save you lots of pain and help healing.

In spite of being really stressed out, I still worked out this morning and enjoyed the routine: Total Cardio from The Daniel Plan.  I liked the simple to tweak moves on the 550 bungee which were each done for a do-able number of reps but will replace its audio. (Got nothing better to do this afternoon after a routine dental visit)

OK so I have been using our tracfones more since our landline and internet are disconnected.  Verizon may have slit their own throat letting us go so long without a landline because I am realizing we do not need one.  The only time I need a landline is when on hold and the only time we have been on hold the past few months was last night waiting for a live Verizon tech!  Why am I paying $30 a month for a landline just to screen telemarketing calls??

What is really neat is that I am using a cheap Tracfone feature phone surfing the net for an average of 5 units an hour using the mini Opera browser.  Yeah texting is taxing but better than nothing.  Thankfully we do have one tv on a converter so I will not miss Survivor tonight.

Before bed I did a great spark Angela's DanceMix but with new MUsic.

Blog 11/20

This morning while waiting for our FIOS service call, I did a bit of a workout revisiting some files previously edited but since I had left the cuing on the audio, I just didn't get into the moves as much.

OK now the FIOS update:
This is hysterical!
The Verizon repair guy kept getting us confused with another customer when calling us.  Then I see a Verizon truck go past our house and turn around thinking he was looking for us but he was looking for the home across the street because they were expecting service yesterday and got postponed.
He said a wire had ice in it and was affecting both of our signals.  Hopefully, everything will be fine for both homes once he replaces the faulty wire.

ETA: Yup all is well and working after fixing the outside connection.
We even got the guy's contact info in case we have any future problems.
He did think the dropped signals for the previous week were because of the faulty connection so we will enjoy our new router because of our inconvenience.  Luckily I had it hooked up and working just before the big crash.

Another Verizon truck just pulled up to restore service to the third house that shared the same connection as us!!!  I told the guy that it is probably already working since the other two houses were restored.  So 3 houses on the same short block that shared the same pole lost service and 3 different repair orders and appointments were made????!!!!  Is Verizon really that inept?

My B12  pills finally delivered.  I am hoping for improvement in either my ear buzzing or feet tingling.  Otherwise, these conditions may never resolve.

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