Monday, November 3, 2014


I haven't a clue why but last night the foot and ab muscular spasms returned.  It may have been dehydration because I forgot to have water with dinner and it seemed to improve after I drank some. Thankfully, I slept well and woke up fine but would have slept even longer if Daylight Savings hadn't brought the sun up so early.
One odd thing I noted, I had to dig through piles of water bottle packs to find the opened one of the kind I liked (husband or son piled a bunch of unopened water packs on top of it).   I was lifting those heavy packs like they were filled with cotten.  My son just stood there with his eyes wide open watching me with awe. LOL

This mornings' workout was great, starting with my edited version of the new HIITs routine on jessicasmithtv followed by my edited Denise Austin BodyBlitz.  BodyBlitz had everything from bungee and ball easy to tweak moves and kettlebell inspired moves which worked well with a purple Zumba stick.  I had to take a few breaks after some anaerobic spikes and sweated like crazy.

I looked back at some November 2013 blog posts and am so happy not to be plagued by Plantar Fasciitis as I was back then.  Cannot believe my 550 is a year old!  Hopefully, a year from now I will look back at November 2014 and see that all side effects of Lipitor are gone.

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