Friday, September 19, 2014

Coleen and PopSugar

This morning I warmed up removing much of my equipment from the top of a storage chest to check its contents.  The great discovery was actually already on the top of the chest and previously ignored, a section of a stackable table which converted my desk to a standing desk.  Before I was using a cardboard box with an oven rack for venting.  The table I found has ridges which enables venting for my laptop and is much sturdier than the previous arrangement.

The first routine I did this morning had great MUsic:
Coleen Nolan's Neon WO from Let's Get Physical.

I also did the standing segments of her toning routine then enjoyed my edited version of PopSugar's Pilates:

My edited version became just 4 minutes, all of which were great sitting on a stability ball
Perfect addition to a spark or just to wake up my stagnant body.

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