Wednesday, September 17, 2014

JumpSport Fitness Trampoline PRO Rave

If I were to advise anyone about which bungee to order for the best quality and price, it would be the Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline 350 PRO.   Why anyone would spend twice as much for a 39 inch Bellicon is beyond comprehension.  Here are its reviews on Amazon:
Reviews of JS 350 PRO

It has 6 more bungees, making the mat feel larger than the 350 and only costs $40 more than the 350.
(Note: you can save $5 or maybe more if they have a current discount code by buying it directly from JumpSport instead of Amazon with free shipping either way).
(I cannot recommend spending much more for a 39 inch Bellicon for a firm bounce and if you want a slower bounce, you can get the cheapest Jumpsport for $200)

Granted if you have the money and the space, the JumpSport 44 inch 550F is probably my top choice and will still save you a couple of hundred bucks compared to a 44 inch Bellicon.  I can guarantee that the center of the mat does not cone even on its loosest setting after one year of use.  Its cords have a 4 year warranty and are adjustable.  Bellicon cords have a one year warranty and choosing which set(s) of tension cords to order is quite a conundrum.
I prefer a firmer mat because of Plantar Fasciitis.  My feet do not like the instability of a coning mat.
(If you want a softer and slower bounce then you have to go Bellicon with Strong cords)

When new, the 550F is difficult to fold and unfold.
Removing a few cords near the hinges will make the task easier

Costco now offers the JS550F with a free handlebar!
(I prefer the single JS handlebar design for $90 to the Bellicon double bar for $160)

The only downside is this model has a 3 year cord warranty instead of a 4 years.
Costco has a great return policy in case you fear Buyers Remorse.
I did speak to a Jumpsport Rep who said the Costco 5550fi and 550fPRO were identical except for the handlebar so this is a great deal!


  1. Hi. It's a mistake on Costco's site concerning the 550fi. It states a 3 year warranty but those cords have a 4 year warranty. Also, it states that the cords are 9 mm cords (as opposed to the 300 which are 8 mm) but as confirmed on Jumsports site they are 10mm cords.

  2. Hi Barb. If you don't mind my asking, how tall are? You mentioned in one of your posts that you think a 350 pro would have satisfied you, so I was wondering about your height, since taller people seem to feel tight on space on the smaller models. All the best!

  3. I already answered this when asked on another post. I am 5 foot 2 inches

  4. Oops sorry. I searched your other posts first and didn't find it. I thought you were taller than average. You must be jumping high if you were reaching close to the ceiling in your basement. I'm 8" taller at 5' 10'' so I guess I need a higher ceiling. Thanx.

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