Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Biggest Loser Circuit

This morning I did my edited version of the (non-US) Biggest Loser Calorie Killer Circuit on the bungee and ball and really enjoyed it!

ETA: Sparks today were an outdoor walk and some of the edited file of Skinny Bitch Fitness

I accepted a new 2 year bundle contract with Verizon FIOS but lowered our internet speed to their current lowest 25/25 because we were getting the same speed when paying more for the next level 50/25.  Actually my laptop got faster download speeds before the upgrade when 15/5!
To get higher speeds wirelessly on our laptops, we need their new router but I wasn't shelling out more than $100 for it when now they give it away free with speed upgrades.   Also do not want the headache of setting up a new router.

This morning I was on a Tracfone merry-go-round because my LG840 was not getting the tripled minutes which should have been automatic with its Triple Minutes for Life benefit.  Hopefully, that glitch has been resolved and it will be automatic next time even though next time will probably be a year or more down the road.

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