Thursday, September 4, 2014

Jumpsport PRO Mat and Cords

I was fortunate enough to get a PRO mat with 36 cords for my JumpSport 350/370 frame. I had been using that bungee regularly for 2 years then stopped when I developed Plantar Fasciitis because the loose tension aggravated the condition.  Also I had been feeling less and less stable on it even with its tightest tension adjustment.  The petals on the PRO mat are definitely smaller making the bouncing area feel larger.  Plus no petal noise!  Since the mat is smaller, the tension is even firmer than my 550 PRO but may loosen with time.  I believe I will be using it more often while watching TV.  I had developed a PF flare on Monday evening while away in AC and the new mat as well as the 550 do not seem to aggravate my heels.  If I ever decide to cave for the largest 49 inch Bellicon, I will definitely get the Ultra cords because of my foot problem.  May have to get a larger home first LOL

Before my foot problem, I loved the loose bounce so the firmer PRO mats are not for everyone.

This morning I did Brenda Dykgraaf's Disco workout.  It was similar to a Richard Simmons Disco workout but had different moves.

Then I did some of the original Older and Wiser workout and think I will really like it after replacing its audio.

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