Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fun Stuff

This morning I revisited the edited Black Girls Workout on the bungee and it was much more intense than when I did it the first time while sitting on a stability ball as a spark!  It had lots of good bungee moves and as usual, my MUsic got me MUving.

Then I did just the PIYO Drench warmup which I liked because not too much yoga.  Next was an edited Barre3 combination and last was some Forza2 but holding a wooden rolling pin LOL  Then I sat on the stability ball for some of the Forza.  Next may try it with a Fitstix.  Actually it feels best to me without a toy and just empty hands??

ETA: I am happy to announce my husband and I canceled our next quarterly visit and will be seeing the new younger partner for our next annual doctor visit.   This really removes the stress of dealing with the older stubborn and bullying doctor.

My afternoon spark was a healthbounce followed by this gentle dance by dancewithshelly

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