Thursday, October 30, 2014


I just read some blog posts from June 2012 when I was having alot of pain issues, especially a problematic right knee.  If I had known then what I know now about Statins, I could have saved myself unnecessary suffering.  Still waiting on the RALA so took a stronger Melatonin last night which had previous given me a headache and did indeed, give me a headache again so back to the weaker dose.  Meanwhile my left foot has developed a new problem, first cramping in bed and now still tender probably related to the lingering neuropathy.  Luckily, I can stand and walk pain free and even healthbounce. Tinnitus wasn't as bad last night and slept well with the strong Melatonin.

Also wanted to mention that a gal having trouble playing youtube videos (flash in her Safari browser had expired), tried DailyMotion but couldn't enjoy streaming because of their ads, next tried WellVideo and loved it!!!
Here's my invitation link again
Remember to register if you want to see the private resident videos.

This morning I did 3 edited Crunch routines on the bungee and ball, plus Billy bands then Stax cans. The MUsic I added kept me moving but the moves themselves were not special enough to revisit so I am just keeping the soundtrack of one of them for future routines.

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