Friday, October 10, 2014

Great Stuff

I finished the standing part of Davina's Intense on the bungee and used Purple Zumba sticks for weights then did my edited ATS Towel routine which worked great with replaced audio and actually felt better when sitting on a stability ball.  My abs are already feeling it LOL

I decided to try the Crestor cautiously, one 5 mg pill every 2 or 3 days along with continuing the CoQ10 and see how I feel.    My intention is not to bring down my numbers as dramatically as my doctor would like but just to more acceptable levels with minimum dosage.  Probably just one pill a week will maintain acceptable numbers once the numbers are down.

My advice to all women is not to start a statin unless your numbers are ridiculous (LDL over 190 and Total cholesterol divided by HDL ratio greater than 5) and you have another risk factor because once you start a statin, your numbers will never get back down to where they would have been no matter how well you eat and exercise.  Way too many doctors are over-prescribing statins to women.

here are 2 new towel routines by Tiffany Rothe!

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