Thursday, October 9, 2014

No More Statins!

I had a great workout this morning:
First I did an edited version of all of the mini trampoline routines on
I really liked her simple to follow moves which worked great with the MUsic I added.

Then I did some of Davina's Intense routine while sitting on the ball which had a nice combination of bouncing cardio moves and finished with more BodyArt Shock

Today I will getting my lab test results and expect my doctor will insist on prescribing another statin.  I feel so much better since stopping Lipitor and my doctor refuses to believe that my brain fog was a result of a statin.  There is no way I will risk developing diabetes, brain fog, muscle and joint pain, or morning headaches for the undocumented benefit of taking a statin.

In fact, the most important indicator of heart health in a postmenopausal woman is her resting Heart Rate.   Mine was usually 50 or under when I used to check it and will start checking it again tomorrow morning.

well my numbers were horrible so I am going to try a low dose every other day of Crestor
actually I found a study that made this approach with CoQ10 look hopeful

The good news is my Resting Heart Rate is still ~50, even 49 Lying and 60 Sitting.
So I can consider myself *fit* and that my rebounding, ball bouncing and walking are keeping me fit.

Statins, low fat diets, and aging create way too many deficiencies in an otherwise healthy body.    Eventually these doctors will start to feel the consequences of their own actions as they age and start listening to their patients.  I gave up my daily quality of life during my middle age because of the brainwashing but plan to age from my current 65 year old age more gracefully.

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