Sunday, October 19, 2014

BIG News!

The only change I have made in my food choices has been to avoid refined carbs and I have dropped a few pounds.  The current research seems to reflect that carbs without fiber are more of a threat to good cardiovascular health than saturated fats.

This morning I did several edited routines and since none of them had enough special qualities for revisits, I will not bother to suggest them.  Of course, the music I added was great but I wound up tweaking to the point of freestyling during most of the routines.  However as tedious and boring as I found some of Forza1,  it did make me sweat and feel different muscles so may have a crosstraining effect worth revisiting.  Problem is I have had a tendency to get cramps in my ab muscles lately and it uses them alot.  (Forza works well without a sword with just hands striking)

Now this is BIG news:
My husband is going to try using the 370 PRO in the den when watching TV!

I just wanted to share this wonderful way of getting the knee realigned:

This works really well with a small peanut ball I had found at Walmart.

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