Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Still no formal workout to post because this morning was my dreaded doctor's appointment.  I did tell my doctor I stopped Lipitor since the last visit and feel much better.  Then he said that if my numbers aren't good, he will prescribe Crestor!  Well Crestor has the same side effects as Lipitor and no proof in preventing the first heart attack in women while having proof of causing diabetes in women so I do not care what the lab results are, I will pass.  To add insult to injury, my blood pressure was up!

He believes all of my side effects were imaginary or not related to Lipitor.
Well his statin benefits are imaginary.  I refuse to feel as rotten as I used to feel just to placate his good but misguided intentions.

On a higher note, I have some great news for anyone seeking a great bungee rebounder deal.  Costco now offers the 550f with a handlebar for $499.  In other words, the handlebar is FREE.
(Handle bar for 550 costs $90 but if you want handebars on the Bellicon, they are $80 per side.  I personally like the single JS handlebar design more).

I did have a walk today and plan to do a few sparks.

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