Thursday, October 23, 2014


Today's workout routine was Bipasha Basu's Break Free.  It was loaded with easy to follow moves which worked well on the bungee and ball.  However, the music got boring so will do my thing with it.  Then I did some of a ballet stretch and some Forza2 sitting on the ball with empty hands and trying to alternate the sides more often.
The ballet stretch was not a *feel good* routine for me as I had expected it to be and coincidentally reversed my feeling of well being?  I woke up feeling really good this morning.  Not sure if was the ballet stretch that caused the reversal but now feel similar to yesterday morning when waking.  Ironically I felt better after working out yesterday and worse today.  Maybe it is where the toxins are in my body.
Maybe it was the lack of loud pumping MUsic?

You can find Bipasha's Break Free on WellVideo using the search engine after clicking on my invitation link:

(OK you can also find it on youtube LOL)

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