Tuesday, October 21, 2014

MUsic Does It for Me Again

I woke up feeling like I was catching a bug so did the Hydrogen Peroxide in the ears (dip a cotton ball in Hydrogen Peroxide then squeeze it in the ear and leave the cotton ball in for awhile).  Sore throat immediately went away.  In spite of not feeling great, the workout energized me with fabulous music.  As usual, I started on the 550 bungee then switched to the ball and alternated them a bit.  Added in Fitstix for upper body AWT.

This morning's routines were edited versions of Davina's Fit in 15 Cardio and Legs  then Dakidissa Arms.  I have already shared the original Davina Fit in 15 privately on WellVideo so am not uploading the edited file with the MUsic replaced even though the music was awesome.  If the original audio doesn't inspire you, try different music!

I absolutely lurved the Dakidissa moves with my chosen MUsic and will be sharing that combination privately.  The moves were more total body than just arms.  Dakidissa's original videos are in Spanish, giving me more reason to replace the audio.

Here's a sample of the result:

This may become my favorite AWT routine for awhile :)

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