Friday, October 24, 2014

Alternating Sides

I didn't get enough sleep last night so took it easy this morning, starting with a couple of edited Mind Fitness athletic cardio and walking routines I had bought a long long time ago.  Back when I had edited them, I hadn't started muting the files first so the background cuing was annoying.  However, they may be worth the trouble of editing again because they had decent moves.
The original soundtrack was supposed to subliminally help weightloss.
All it did was bore me out of my mind.  Here's what the dvd case looked like

Mostly I did some of Ilaria's Atletica first 2 upright series but tweaked them so I only did one set and alternated the sides every 10 reps instead of doing too many reps on one side.  Her one side at a time with endless reps is what ruined her Forza routines for me. There is a tendency for instructors to over-work one side at a time that I just do not understand.  Even some of my favorites do this.  The moves worked well with a purple Zumba stick and I enjoyed the drums so didn't edit this routine.

Finished with alittle Cardio Callanetics while sitting on a stability ball.  This seems like a nice routine for bedroom sparks.

ETA; here is a sample of a fabulous spark I just did while sitting on a stability ball
Each move is repeated just enough to tweak it and make it my own.
Here's the original
either way, it works :)

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