Friday, October 31, 2014


I love short and sweet routines.  This morning I did a bunch of them, one after another for my regular workout routine.  I use easy to tweak routines so I can alternate and/or combine my tools: bungee, ball, band, Stax cans, and of course, MUsic which is my most important tool.

Most of these routines can be done right in front of a pc or laptop screen: standing or sitting on a ball or chair.  I plan to upload my favorite edited sparks to a special playlist on where I am Bouncin Barb.

ETA: The RALA finally delivered so I took one and felt almost immediately energized.  So energized I took a brisk walk with son to try to burn off some of the excess energy.  The good news is that I was having a vertigo bout just before taking it which disappeared.  Sure hope the lingering ear buzzing and peripheral neuropathy also disappear.

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