Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Post Crestor and Stress

Not a good day today waking up with lots of aches and pains, feet tingling, brain fog and fatigue.  Pretty much how I was feeling before adding CoQ10 and cutting back on Lipitor then cutting it out altogether.  The Crestor and/or flu and pneumonia vaccines combined with my doctor's self-righteous attitude completely destroyed the vulnerable feeling of well-being I had been enjoying.

I did workout but just couldn't get into anything.  I felt unsteady on the bungee so did some Forza then ball bouncing. I have felt this way before and have felt much better on other days so am hopeful this, too, shall pass.
I am mad at my doctor and even madder at myself for being a sheep led to slaughter all of these years.  Oh well, tomorrow will be a better day.

I am strongly considering to stop seeing the doctor or any doctor altogether except for an annual physical.  What's the point?  All they can do is prescribe more tests and meds and create more stress.

I had breakfast and a CoQ10 and feel much better now!
May try to do a real workout or walk before lunch

We decided to walk and pickup subs for lunch.  Next door to the sub place was a Polish Mini Mart with take-out so I ordered one of their platters to try.  The food was delicious!!!  Real home cooking instead of typical take-out.  Amazing cole slaw, mashed potatoes that tasted like knishes, stuffed cabbage and and fresh veggies not swarming in butter.  The portions were generous and the price very reasonable ($6.50).  

Meanwhile, my husband ordered subs and there were a few Union police officers there who had just gotten the message that Pres Obama's trip to our town this evening for a fundraiser was canceled.  So alot of businesses near the closed roads will be doing way less business today and residents were inconvenienced for naught.

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