Monday, October 13, 2014

Body Gospel LIVE! and Statin Neuropathy

I decided to revisit some of Body Gospel with Donna Richardson and more Keeping Fit with Andrea Metcalf before starting a new dvdr recently burned with edited files.   I did the Body Gospel LIVE routine with the music louder option and really enjoyed its moves on the bungee then did some of the standing strength and Pilates routines with Andrea, plies mostly on the stability ball.

My feet and calves are still bothering me and the tingling sensation has now started to move upwards into my thighs.  OK I had enough of this BS and will not be touching another statin.  My doctor can just fire me as a patient.  I am DONE.
(Thank God my younger son was resistant to going on a statin because his numbers have been great without any and weren't that bad when he first started focusing more on his food choices and exercise)

ETA: The tingling is now in my right hand which was operated on for carpal tunnel syndrome over 30 years ago!  Plus I have an annoying buzzing sound in both ears.  I am so mad I let my doctor bully me into trying Crestor.   Neuropathy from statins has been suspected since 2002.
I am hoping the symptoms will weaken with time as they did after quitting Lipitor.  If my doctor doesn't switch me to seeing his young associate who may be more open-minded, I will find another doctor and ask up front whether the doctor understands the risks of statins till I find a doctor who isn't a pill pusher.  The stress from these symptoms are doing alot more damage to my arteries than any LDL.

ETA: the tingling is starting to fade a bit after building for 48 hours. The sensation now is like how my mouth feels when Novocaine starts to wear off after dental work.  It appears that neuropathy is a side effect of statins which is not prevented by CoQ10 like the brain fog, fatigue, morning headaches and joint pain.  I am done being a guinea pig for statins and very lucky I didn't continue till I had severe permanent damage or diabetes.  I have developed cataracts.

Statin induced neuropathy became suspect in 2002.  Would be nice to find a doctor who cares about their patient's daily quality of life more than distorted statistics.  As a now retired Neonatal Statistician for a NICU,  I know firsthand how numbers can be manipulated.  Understanding statistics also made me an excellent horseracing handicapper.
Too many patients are becoming crippled in their last decade or two to avoid a possible heart event which may never happen.  In fact, statins may actually contribute to this event by limiting physical activity and giving a false sense of security when eating.  Many cardiologists are finding a higher incidence of Congestive Heart Failure in statin users who do not take CoQ10.
This pattern of putting much younger patients on a harmful lifetime med if their numbers aren't at contrived target goals will be having major repercussions for the next generation.

(TMI Warning: another statin side effect which is hitting me hard this week is constipation.)

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